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the shooting. this is 9news now. a possible witness to a crime, afraid for his life and perhaps a target for a gunman. >> tonight we are finding out more and more about the man killed in the heart of washington's bustling u street corridor, and it is a miracle that when all of the bullets were flying by, passersby were somehow not hit. armando is standing by live. >> reporter: that shooting happened at u street exactly at this block, and for the next two blocks it was the wild, wild west. that shooting spree may have been motivated by an attempt to silence a witness. this car may have been used. two men have been taken into custody at the same address, one earlier today, one tonight. police have also recovered some weapons there, but it's not
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known if they were used in today's shooting spree. that gun battle happened around noon at the funeral services for murder victim ashley mccreigh. among the 600 people, rival gang members. >> suspects opened fire on the individuals in that car. >> reporter: the victims may have returned fire themselves before fleeing at high speed in this dodge durango, but they clipped this mercedes and then crashed into a parked van. inside the dodge, one man survived. another did not. it's not clear if he was killed by gunshots or the crash. 9news now has learned the identity of the dead man. he is jamal kotts of northwest ds. he has known jamal for years and the man known as big pon was running scared. >> he's been very worried. he witnessed the shooting that
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was on mozart beach a month to a month half ago. >> he was scared for his life? >> he was definitely scared for his life. >> reporter: and so whether or not that information that he had about that past murder may have motivated someone to try to silence him is still up in the air. at least that is what of jamalcoats think. the police have not cleared up exactly what the motive for this wild shooting spree was. the shooting spree that closed businesses for hours. those businesses are now open. but, of course, a lot of folks are concerned about what happened here a few hours ago. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> now the only community in the country to withdraw from the federal securities enforcement program. in a unanimous vote, the board opted out which requires local law enforcement to hand over fingerprints and other information of people taken into police custody to federal enforcement agencies.
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but homeland security says local enforcement is still responsible for reporting criminal aliens to ice. tonight's other big story, we're tracking the weather. top, how do we rook to night. >> reporter: . >> we're in betty -- look tonight? >> we're in pretty good shape tonight. let me show you the satellite picture, radar combined. we do have tropical depression 16. it is not yet a tropical storm. but it really doesn't matter if it forms into nicole or not, it's still going it throw a ton of moisture our way. not tonight but eventually tomorrow and into thursday. there it is right now off the coast. the moisture is off the coast of florida. the storm itself is still about 300 miles to the southwest of florida. now, as we move northward, some of the clouds will get in here tomorrow. we'll come back and talk about whether or not we have a dry commute in the morning and in the evening. and we'll give you some tips on things you can do before the heavy rain rolls in. i'll see you in a bit with wakeup weather. fbi agents, some here in dc, cheating on a test about
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investigating domestic terrorism. >> a new justice department report says more than 20 agents did just that. and as gary nurenberg reports, that number could turn out to be a lot higher. >> reporter: when fbi agents raided the home of a suspected spy in chevy chase last october, they were expected to know the 2008 domestic and operations operation guide. agents are among the 22 that the justice department says cheated on a test about the guide. >> it's probably more than a couple dozen. could be potentially 100. >> reporter: allen runs a website that reports on federal law enforcement. >> cheat sheets were circulating around. people were giving answers. people were being coached and it turned into a mess. >> reporter: the justice department wouldn't talk about the case, referring calls to the fbi which wouldn't talked about the case, referring calls to the washington field office which wouldn't talk about the case. it did send a statement from the director of the fbi saying personnel actions have been
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taken and nothing excuses the conduct. at its front door, the fbi seal shows the i standing for integrity. >> it's a big embarrassment to the fbi. >> reporter: they cheated and don't know what they're supposed to do. >> an agent may do something and violate the law and then screw up a case that could then let some potential terrorists go free. and that is one of the dangers there. >> reporter: the report says supervise sores supervisors were among those that cheated. the agent decided to retire after that investigation began. lango reported that that former fbi supervisor has a new job this week, running the washington police foundation. an update now on the death of a green party candidate for the u.s. senate in maryland. kenneth henry is taking over for her daughter natasha pettigrew
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who was run over and killed while biking. in a written statement henry said, i can think of no greater honor than to run my daughter's race to the finish line. jimmy carter is expected to be in dc tomorrow after spending the night in the hospital. he started feeling sick on a flight. emergency crews took him to the hospital where he was treated for an upset stomach. carter is scheduled to be in the district tomorrow as part of his new book tire. ram emmanuel for mayor. it seems like he will make a long coveted run for chicago mayor. at this point they say the main -- campaign on the move on his wife and three young children skwl the doctor who refuses to deploy to afghanistan until he
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sees president obama's birth certificate. >> the birth records were irrelevant to the case that could sends him to federal prison for four years of hard labor. now, despite photos of his birth certificate and his birth announcement in a honolulu newspaper, lakin and his lawyers don't believe it. >> president clinton said he didn't have sex with that woman monica lewinski. the point is we're in a court of law. let them come in and be subject to cross-examination with the original documentation. what are they trying to hide? >> the military judge did delay the start of the trial for a month to give the defense more time to ask the court of appeals for help. the flight surgeon is now facing charges of missing a movement, disobeying lawful orders and dereliction of duty. tonight and for the first time in maybe a long while obama version 2010 we're sounding a
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more like obama version 2008. we're talking full throttle campaign mode. the scene, a nighttime rally at the university of wisconsin. >> we need you to pledge the vote. we need you to knock on doors. we need you to talk to neighbors. we need you to make phone calls. we need you to bring energy and passion and commitment. [ cheers and applause ] >> do you know what we're talking about? that was president obama doing what he can to reenergize young voters. but the white house is looking at the same polls you and i are looking at and a lot of those show more americans feel the republicans, not the democrats, have a better shot at fixing this bad economy. so let's say you're headed to your favorite bowling alley when, whoa, a guy in an suv swerves right into your lane and there he is talking on a cell phone. starting this friday in maryland you get busted. a new law takes effect no using the cell phone unless it is a
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hands-free model. and it's for your own good. >> the reality is you're four times more likely to be involved in a crash if you are driving and talking on a cell phone. >> a first offense will cost drivers $40. after that, it's 100 bucks and a point on your driving record. if you personally have been affected by a distracted driver talking on a phone or texting, we want to share your story on the air. tell us about it by going to the great hang up page at or you can call 202-895-5960. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 84 today. that is going to be a distant memory. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. temperatures tomorrow morning 8:0058-68. dry. grab your sunglasses. we'll come back. i'm changing the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and you won't believe how much rain is heading our w still ahead tonight, the 26-page brownie. why does the pentagon need such
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a economically long recipe? we'll find out. also, parents are steamed after a peewee football game turns into faye brawl between the coaches. that is coming up next.
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man's best friend left to die. >> tonight a $1,000 reward is being offered to find the person who abandoned a dog behind a
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dumpster in a cage. the washington humane society found the 6-year-old poodle mix locked in a cage at the apartment complex in the 3300-block of 22nd street. the humane society says the dog was emaciated, coat severely matted and soaked in urine. they believe the dog's owner left it there to die sunday night. in austin, texas, a college student is dead after opening fire inside a library at the university of texas and then turning that gun on himself. 19-year-old cole ton tooley did not shoot anybody but they locked down the school for seven hours. he walked for several blocks wearing a mask and carrying an automatic weapon before entering the college. no word yet on why. drug addictions leave scars, many times on innocent victims. take a look at this acid-scarred base of jessica burns. who did it? her fiancee's mom. a woman they say addicted to
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both illegal and prescription drugs. over the weekend, she demanded some prescription painkillers jessica had and in a flash that demand turned to rage. >> she grabbed acid from the top of the refrigerator, reached over his shoulder and skirted it all over my face. >> all of a sudden i seen my mom's arm and i seen a stream and i heard screaming. >> pretty awful. and see that little girl there, the sweet child, that is jessica's daughter and she was in the room watching the whole nightmare unfold. well, that is when the fiancee's mom is in jail and jessica, well, doctors are worried she might never regain clear vision. caught on tape, another case of innocent victims and this case the innocence are boys from two teams playing in a peewee football league. you see a fight broke out in the middle of the game right after a touchdown. not among the young players but the coaches. a big, bad brawl. >> i couldn't believe the coaches actually did that in front of us because that sets a
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bad example for us. >> now, get this, as punishment the peewee league decided to ban both teams from any post season play. the players and their parents can't believe it. they feel they're being punished for the stupid behavior of the coaches. >> that's a fair point. well, an unclassified government document has gone viral on the internet, and it might not be exactly what you expect. >> yes. we sent our andrea mccarren to find out what was stirring this controversy literally. >> well, guys, this is the government document that has gone viral. it has been downloaded worldwide. it is 26 pages long. and it is a pentagon's recipe for brownies for our troops. we enlisted the help of chef susan holds of culinary, a downtown washington cooking school. our mission, to whip up a batch of the pentagon's brownies designed to last as long as three years. >> this doesn't have a lot of liquid. >> uh-uh. >> meaning it's going to last
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longer. the ingredients are fairly standard. >> we'll combine the granulated sugar, the cocoa, the salt and the baking powder. >> reporter: except for one. anhydrous dex troes. we tracked it down at the warehouse of a local food distributor. it's imported from china and in massive quantities. >> if you're going to be buying for the large -- the huge scale production, you're going to be buying a minimum of 2-6 tons. >> reporter: 3.5 ounces is going to be a lot. >> at this point, look how thick this is. it's like icing. and we still have to add over a pound of flour. >> reporter: here is the flour. we're surprised it called for the same amount of flower as walnuts. >> today we're not going to put them in because we have a variety of tasters and we're always sensitive to nut allergies. >> reporter: we whisked and followed a special set of specifications. >> there should be no foreign material such as but not limited
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dark insect parts, hair, wood, glass or medal? >> reporter: with the consistency of plato, we put our first batch in the oven. next we bought a store-bought mixed, betty crocker. there were only three ingredients, eggs, oil and water. the batter was dramatically more moist. >> we have the army brownie and then we have the betty crocker version. >> reporter: they looked different. they even smelled different. but will they taste different? we put the two types of brownies to a newsroom taste test and we will have the results tomorrow morning at 6:40. p in the meantime, we would love to have our viewers post their favorite brownie recipes on our website. just go to and look under our extras section. and we've also sealed and stored samples of each batch to see how they comparatively hold up over time and we will be unwrapping those in about two weeks from
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now. >> we should note donovan mcnabb is using some of those brownies to protect him against the eagles. but we do want to know why that recipe is 26 pages long. that is crazy. >> well, you know, to quote a pentagon food specialist, what would happen if you cooked a meal, stored it in a stifling hot swear house, dropped it out of an airplane, dragged it out in the mud and then ate it three years later. these brownies, derek, anita, topper are made to last. >> but not necessarily made to eat. >> anita tried them. >> i tried them. >> what did you think? >> you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. >> exactly. >> she doesn't want to give it away. >> not that there is anything to give away. >> derek was hiding. >> made to last. got to love that. okay. are we moving on to the story or moving on to weather? >> i think we're doing weather. >> we're doing weather. so even though i'm on camera, it's you, top. >>. [ laughing ] >> i didn't get any taste test. >> i recall topper was hiding
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under the weather center desk when i was giving them out. >> oh, okay. fine. okay. here is the deal, i made some changes to tomorrow's temperatures. but no changes to the rainfall that's coming. it's going to be an event. it really will be. so you have a little bit of time to get your house in order, as it were. the next three days, here we go, 71 tomorrow. really lower temps. put a drop in, just a shower in by evening. it will be a dry commute in the morning. for the most part, a dry commute in the evening. heavy rain developed wednesday night, continues through much of thursday. flooding is likely. a little milder on thursday. upper 70s. breezy on friday. it will be nice actually as we end the week. high school football, temperatures go back into the upper -- mid 70s for highs. we'll break down tomorrow. i still think you might need your sunglasses on the way to work. 65 to start. 70 by lunch time and holes really right around -- holds really right around 70. overnight tonight, partly cloudy, a bit cooler. 54-64 and winds out of the north at about ten. now, tomorrow morning increasing
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cloudiness and cool, so we're bringing in clouds quicker. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds northeasterly at ten. because the clouds come in quicker, it gets cooler. so mostly cloudy and cool. a late shower possible. that is not the main event. high temperatures 70-75. winds east southeast at about ten. heavy rain is on the way. we're talking 3-5 inches of rain by thursday night. critical time 4:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on thursday. severe weather is possible. if you're east of town, you have the biggest chance for severe weather. now, also check your sump pump, your gutters, your downspouts, you have some time. i recommend a half of tank of gas or more in case the roads are closed. here is a look at the accumulated rainfall, and this is pretty impressive stuff here. look at the orange. we're talking 3-4 to 4-5 inches of rain and this is through thursday night. so, again, flooding is likely.
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get ready. next seven days, 71 tomorrow. rain and showers get heavy late tomorrow night. continued through most of thursday. upper 70s on thursday. so milder on thursday. friday we're in pretty good shape. back to the mid 70s with sunshine. and then we're looking at some of the coolest air of the season, upper 60s as we get into saturday. terps in town. i'll be in fairfax from noon-3:00. only 60 on monday. back up to 72 on tuesday. there are no watches or warnings out yet. there probably will be tomorrow morning. howard will be here bright and early. >> thanks. donovan mcnabb going home. >> and he is saying all of the right things. he's saying it's not a big deal. he's keeping a medium. but you know in his head he wants this one badly. we knew this week would come, and now here it is. donovan mcnabb hunkering down for the title wave of revenge questions. we'll hear his answer. plus the wall a re nis experiment begins -- arenas
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> donovan mcnabb will hold his regular wednesday press conference tomorrow, and i guarantee you he'll say that sunday's reunion with philly is just another game. he's not out to prove anything to his former team because he's too smart to say otherwise. but don't believe him for one second. mcnabb may have pleasant memories of philly, but he would love to stick it to the eagles royally for giving up on him after 11 years of loyal service. we caught up with donovan in virginia tonight where he and his wife and other redskins wives were getting ready for a basketball showdown between the eagles wives. we asked donovan how the emotions are going so far? >> i couldn't even tell you yet. i mean, right now i've got practice tomorrow. it will be just as normal practice and we'll see how the game goes leading up to it. then i'll probably give you a
11:25 pm
better answer of the emotions. >> as for the redskins wives, they played a tune up. there is donovan's wife right there driving and nailing it. and a double 0 right there is dan snyder's wife tanya. the proud honeys in the crowd. and dan was there too. hoops now, pro hoops, gilbert arenas says he's not going to smile this year. that didn't sit well with some people yesterday. quite frankly if he averages 25 a game like he did, he could wear a red nose and a clown outfit and nobody would mind. gilbert looking quick and fully recovered from his knee issues and playing alongside that young man john wall, the number one pick who has been knocking everybody's socks off at this training camp. >> it's going to be a good day. he's a great athlete. it seems like he really wants to learn. >> probably one of the most serious and probably knows what
11:26 pm
we're doing as well as anybody. >> by the way, we do have an explanation for gilbert' shady beard that we saw yesterday. he has a bet going. nick is going it on his head and gilbert is doing it on his face. it's been four weeks since steven strasburg had his tommy johns surgery. it will be 50-75 weeks before he can pitch again and that is the hardest part of this whole tommy john juror deal. ordeal. despite his wanting to hurry it along, he'll be following the doctor's orders. >> the first few months it's just about doing everything in my power to get stronger while this thing heals. >> nats hosting the phillies again tonight who clinched the division last night so they didn't care much. jason marquis was mowing them down. one run allowed by jason. it went to the bottom of the 9th
11:27 pm
tied at one when up stepped adam dunn and big donkey ends up. moon shot walk off. 38 of the year for dunn as the surging nationals take the phillies 2-1. finally tonight, you may not know that singer gloria est fan is a part owner of the miami dolphins. she was at the game and she got locked out of her suite so she had to make a death defying escape out the window of the luxury suite because, you see, she was scheduled to introduce the half time entertainment and she couldn't get down there in time unless she got out of the suite. so she went around the outside in her lovely high heels and lived to tell about it. >> that's tricky. >> it didn't look all that death defying. >> you do it. you do it. >> we'll be right back.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. that's 9news for tonight. and don't forget we are always
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on 24/7. good night.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world,

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